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overflowing gutter in the rain

Gutter Leaks and Home Damage

If your gutters are leaking, they can’t perform their job effectively. Rainwater can seep into the soil near your home and cause damage. Learn why leaking gutters are so common.

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With all the precipitation the area receives each year – an average of 42 inches of rain and 15 inches of snow – a well-functioning water management system is essential for homeowners in Moberly.  

Ensuring your gutters and downspouts work properly to divert rainwater can save your home a magnitude of damage.  

Leaky gutters cause foundation damage, mold, wood rot, and damage your home’s landscaping.  

If you notice leaking gutters, contact the experts at Foundation Recovery Systems quickly. Our team will diagnose the problem and install a modern and effective gutter solution to safeguard your home and family. 

We’ll explore gutter leaks, the common causes of these problems, how they can damage your home, and what you can do to protect your home. 

What Gutter Leaks Are and What Causes Them

Leaking gutters are exactly what they sound and look like. These essential water management systems attached to the fascia board just below the roof can often sustain damage and fail to effectively collect and drain rainwater. This water can leak out of, through, or over the gutters.

While leaking gutters can be easy to spot, understanding why the issue is occurring can be a bit trickier.  

Below are some of the most common reasons your gutters may be leaking.


From leaves and debris to animal nests and other items, your gutters are prone to clogs. If a section of the gutter is clogged, water can’t flow to the downspout, causing the gutter to overflow and dump water directly next to your foundation.

Separated Joint Gutter

Joint Separation

While many gutters are seamless, there are areas, especially at corners, where joint separation might occur. When gutters are clogged, they fill with water and become heavy, which increases the chance gutters will separate.  

Rusty gutters


While holes are rarer, it is possible for them to cause problems to your gutter. Improper installation or mistakes during roofing installation means a stray screw or nail can end up where it shouldn’t. 


If water can’t flow freely, rust can form. Rust can easily eat away at the metal, weakening the material and creating holes. It’s important to ensure free-flowing water so rust is less likely to develop.

Damage Caused by Leaking Gutters

While most homeowners in Moberly understand that leaking gutters are problematic, taking the next step to repair them can be difficult.  

But trust us: don’t wait. Here are three of the most common complications that can occur from letting your leaking gutters go unrepaired.

Foundation Damage

Leaking water from your gutters is one of the main causes of foundation damage, especially in Moberly where we receive more than 40 inches of rain annually, slightly more than the national average. When that water is allowed to dump and pool near your foundation, damage is inevitable.  

Efflorescence on basement walls.

Basement Flooding

When water pools near your foundation it eventually seeps through the soil, adding hydrostatic pressure to your foundation walls. This pressure causes cracks and bowing, allowing water to seep in. Look for signs of water where the floor and the wall meet, efflorescence, puddles, and mold growth.  

Water-damaged ceiling.

Attic Leaks and Damage

Since your gutters are attached to the fascia board beneath your roof, if incorrectly installed, water can leak into your attic. Since your attic isn’t an area often frequented, mold growth can get out of hand quickly. In addition to mold, water in the attic can lead to wood rot, high humidity levels, and cause damage to items stored in the attic.

No more leaking gutters with the FRS Gutter Solution

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Schedule Free Inspection

Say Goodbye to Gutter Leaks and Damage with Professional Solutions

As soon as you spot leaking gutters and the damage listed above, or you suspect your gutters could be the root of the problem, don’t let it spiral out of control. We urge you to contact gutter professionals right away before serious damage results.

Instead of worrying about climbing a ladder to investigate a leak or trying to repair it on your own, leave the work to our team at Foundation Recovery Systems. During a free inspection with one of our experts, they’ll recommend solutions tailored to your home’s needs.

This may include recommending upgrading your leaking gutters to our AquaGuard Gutter Solutions.

You’ll never have to worry about your gutters leaking again because of the following features of our system:

  • Comprehensive, all-in-one seamless system
  • Customized and assembled on-site
  • Attached via liquid adhesion
  • Clog-free design
  • Easy cleaning through removable end cap
  • Covered by extensive warranty

Gutter Leaks


Determining the proper repair for your leaking gutter depends on the initial cause. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to attempt repairs using patches, caulking, and sealants. These fixes are not always effective or permanent. Choosing FRS to repair your gutters means you’ll receive the best solution for your leaky gutter.

While gutter sealant may seem like a viable choice, sealants often can’t handle the heavy rainfall in Moberly, which leaves homeowners back at square one. It’s important to address the reason the joint is leaking instead of just repairing the joint. FRS does just that by providing a full inspection.

Clogged gutters are the perfect environment for pests and rodents to nest. A family of squirrels or mice can make quite a bit of noise and have been known to eat through fascia board to gain entry into your attic. If you’re hearing noises, be sure to clean your gutters as soon as possible.

Address Gutter Concerns with Professional Help from Foundation Recovery Systems

Gutter leaks are a major reason for damage to your home. Foundation cracks, mold growth, and musty smells are all symptoms of leaking gutters.  

FRS will perform a thorough evaluation of the inside and outside of your home – including the gutters, foundation, and basement or crawl space. We’ll then recommend quality solutions best suited for exactly what your home needs. 

Don’t let leaking gutters threaten your home or family’s safety. Schedule your free inspection today. 

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