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Separated Joint Gutter

Gutter Joint Separation

Gutter joint separation is damaging to your home's foundation and it may also affect your roof and siding. Learn more about gutter joint separation in this article.

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separating gutter components

Gutter joints can separate over time, especially if you don’t keep up with maintenance, meaning leaks and an undesirable appearance.  

The usual culprit of separated gutter joints is the collection of debris. Leaves and twigs, combined with backed-up water, are heavy. This added weight causes gutters to separate. 

When your gutters leak, water collects around the base of your house, flooding your crawl space or basement and causing structural instability. 

Foundation Recovery Systems provides help for separated gutter joints throughout Moberly. Learn more about the common problem sign of gutter separation. 

Why Your Gutter Joints Are Separating

Understanding why your gutters are separating is the first step to repair. We’ll discuss the most common reasons for separation; however, a trained gutter expert can best determine the cause by providing a complete inspection.

gutters clogged with leaves

Gutter Clogs

While homeowners in Moberly are typically used to ensuring their yard is well-maintained, the gutters are often overlooked. Leaves, shingle debris, trash, sports balls, and animal nests all cause gutter clogs.  

When gutters are clogged, water can’t flow freely, leading to heavy backups. Heavy water causes joints to separate, which allows water to dump directly next to your foundation.  

rust on metal

Old, Rusted Gutters

Gutters, especially older ones, are susceptible to rust. Rust eats away at the metal, weakening the gutter joints, and causes them to separate.  

While gutters today are made of high-quality aluminum, lower-quality gutters are prone to rust if they are not maintained properly.  

man on a ladder installing and maintaining gutters

Poor Installation

If gutters are installed improperly, gutter separation is likely. Not ensuring gutters are sloped properly, and not using proper gutter hangers or screws can all lead to gutter separation. 

Our experts at FRS see this problem when gutters are installed by jack-of-all-trades contractors and not gutter experts. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and tools to properly install, repair, and maintain your gutters.  

Why You Should Be Concerned with Gutter Joint Separation

Separating gutter joints are more than just a cosmetic problem. They can lead to severe damage to your home that also threatens the health and safety of your loved ones.

We’ve already mentioned a few things that can happen if your gutter joints are separating, but here is a more comprehensive list of problems that can arise:

  • Water collecting next to the foundation
  • Basement or crawl space leaks
  • Foundation damage
  • Damaged or discolored siding
  • Downspout damage and misalignment
  • Diminished home appearance

No more Joint separation with the FRS Gutter Solution

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The Benefits of Professional Seamless Gutter Installation

Seamless gutters are a more modern and functional approach to exterior water management. While their installation is straightforward for experienced professionals, it can be difficult for homeowners to undertake themselves.

If you notice or suspect gutter joint separation on your home, we encourage you to call a gutter expert like our team at FRS. To avoid problems associated with separating gutter joints, we’ll install our all-in-one AquaGuard Gutter Solution.

Here are beneficial features that allow this system to protect your home:

  • Seamless system (minimized joint separation)
  • All-in-one design (gutter trough and topper are together)
  • Installed with liquid adhesion (no loose screws or hangers)
  • Angled slats (more water flow, no clogging)
  • Wide-mouth outlet (quick water removal)
  • Removable end cap (easy inspection and cleaning)
  • Comprehensive warranty and maintenance coverage

Gutter Joint Separation


When it comes to repairing your separating gutters, the process may seem simple, but it might not be a good idea. DIY repairs involve overlapping the two sections and riveting them together. 

This fix means climbing steep ladders and working over your head. If the repair isn’t perfect, the risk of clogs increases, creating even bigger problems. 

A trained expert can repair gutters quickly and effectively. FRS has the knowledge to ensure the problem is fixed correctly. 

While it’s possible to repair seams in a gutter, choosing a seamless gutter is best. Seamless gutters mean there aren’t any connections to separate, and clogs are less likely.  

An easy way to determine if a gutter company is legitimate is its ability to install seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters without joints are the superior option. This eliminates the problem of joint separation and decreases your chance of clogs.  

If you currently have gutters with separation, repairs can be done using rivets and overlapping the material. Trusting this project to a gutter expert ensures a long-lasting solution.  

Address Gutter Concerns with Professional Help from Foundation Recovery Systems

The best way to stop your gutters from separating at the joints is to inspect them regularly and keep up on maintenance. Doing this yourself can be difficult and dangerous.

You no longer have to worry about climbing up ladders, reaching inside your gutters to scoop out clogs, or fixing separated joints or other damage.

Rely on our knowledgeable professionals at FRS to conduct a complete, top-to-bottom evaluation of your property and install a seamless, clog-free solution. 

If you believe your gutters have a problem, get in touch with us right away because we offer FREE inspections with NO commitment to you.

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