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gap between roof and gutter

Gaps Between the Gutters and Roof

Gaps between your roof and gutters can impact water management and the rest of your home. With professional assistance from local experts, you can effectively safeguard your gutters and house.

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Our area is no stranger to wet weather. Moberly typically sees about 57 inches of precipitation throughout the year – 42 inches of rain and 15 inches of snow. 

Given these regular rains (and even flooding incidents), having a sturdy gutter and downspout system is crucial for water management around your home. 

However, these fittings are susceptible to damage in several ways and from numerous sources. 

One issue you might observe is gaps between the gutters and the roof. If you find these gaps, like what is pictured here, your gutters may be the cause of a number of additional problems inside and outside your home. 

Let’s discuss these gutter and roof gaps, why you are seeing them, what they can do to your home, and how you can fix them with professional assistance. 

What are Gutter and Roof Gaps and Why Are You Seeing Them? 

Gutter and roof gaps are exactly what they sound like, spaces between the gutter and roofing elements like shingles or the roof itself. If there are any gaps between gutters and the roof, they could be due to the following: 

pests in gap between gutters and roof

Builder’s Gap or Shingle Overhang

Your home’s gutters are hung on the fascia board when it is being built. 

When the roof decking is not level with the fascia, a “builder’s gap” results. This gap is meant to improve attic ventilation, but, as you can see here, it may let water and pests into your home and result in other types of damage. 

Additionally, the shingles may not have been extended far enough past the drip edge, leaving a space rainwater can easily rush into and damage.

bad gutter falling or sagging off roof

Faulty Installation 

If there is a wide space between your gutters and the roof, they may not have been installed correctly. 

They could be too small, too big, not sloped properly, or lack gutter hangers and screws. 

If they were not handled carefully, the gutters also may have also become damaged or bent. 

damaged and hanging gutter

Gutter Sagging and Other Damage 

As mentioned above, your gutters could be lacking the right amount of brackets or screws that keep them attached to your house. This also could be due to other damage. 

Your gutters could be clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris, and excess water may collect in the gutter trough. Because of this additional weight, your gutters may begin to sag and separate from your house, creating gaps pictured here. 

You’ll also notice other issues such as overflowing or leaking gutters and crooked downspouts. 

How Gutter and Roof Gaps Affect Your Home 

We’ve already touched on a few ways gutter and roof gaps, as well as sagging gutters, affect your house, but here is a more comprehensive list and some images of these negative impacts: 


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Your Home Can Benefit from a Comprehensive Gutter Solution

Any gaps between essential home components like the roof and gutters can lead to severe damage, so it is important to have a functional exterior water management system.

To ensure your home is protected by properly and professionally installed gutters, we encourage you to contact our team at Foundation Recovery Systems. Our AquaGuard Gutter Solution installs seamlessly and provides your home with the ulitmate protection it deserves.

Here are some advantages of our system that set it apart from typical gutter solutions:

  • Installed with liquid adhesion
  • All-in-one seamless unit
  • No-clog design featuring angled slats
  • Easy clean-out through removable end cap
  • Protected by a warranty and maintenance plan

Gaps Between the Gutters and Roof


Purchasing gutter nails, hangers, flashing, or a drip edge from a hardware store is simple enough for you to do, but the installation process may be challenging. 

Your safety and the function of your gutters is important, so it’s best to leave any repair work around your roof and gutters to the pros. 

Your gutters may just need to be rehung if they have begun to droop and separate from the house but are not in serious condition. The issue should be resolved by installing gutter spikes, ferrules, and strong gutter hangers correctly. A properly installed drip edge or flashing can be used to seal this space. 

If the gutters are seriously harmed, then it can be necessary to change the entire system to a more durable material or to replace individual portions. 

Make the Best Decision for Your Home’s Gutter System

To find the best remedy, it’s critical to identify the precise reason of any gaps between your gutters and roof. 

A builder’s gap or improper shingle overhang may be the cause of what seems to be a loose or misaligned gutter. It can be challenging to distinguish between the two, but we eliminate any uncertainty. 

Our highly trained and experienced inspectors will carry out a full assessment of your home’s gutters, as well as the inside and outside of your home, to accurately diagnose the issue and identify any potential future problems. 

We’ll also provide you with a written estimate outlining the job and the cost of repairs. Our crews will then efficiently install dependable solutions that are tailored to your home’s unique needs. 

To get started, simply contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to schedule a free inspection and estimate today. 

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