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Wall Crack Injection Repair

Unless we tackle the root of the problem, cracks will continue to appear over time and the issue will not be solved.


Most homes have poured concrete walls. As these walls cure, they will shrink in volume and can create cracks from any shifting or settling from expanding soils outside your foundation walls. All of these occurrences put pressure on the concrete and causes it to crack. In this instance, the cracks are usually very small, hairline cracks and are not an immediate threat to your home.

Although they may not pose a structural risk, they still need to be repaired to prevent leaking and water damage in your basement. Polyurethane foam injections provide a long-term solution — one that is flexible enough to permanently fix the crack even if the wall continues to move. Foundation Recovery Systems was a pioneer in the use of polyurethane foam injection to repair residential wall cracks, and has many years of experience in the use of various foam injection methods of repair.

Before we jump into a solution for the crack, it’s important to identify what caused it in the first place. Unless we tackle the root of the problem, cracks will continue to appear over time and the issue will not be solved. If we find that there is a bigger problem at hand, we will provide you with your options to address the issue and recommend solutions to fix the problem. If there are no underlying issues or needs for structural repair, then we will check to see if the polyurethane foam is a suitable fix for your wall cracks.

Polyurethane foam expands to fill the entire crack not only on the inside of your wall, but all the way through the wall and from top to bottom as well. The polyurethane will even expand to fill voids in the soil that could be causing problems.

Dedicated to your home. Dedicated to You.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we take the repair of basement cracks seriously. We will determine the true source of the problem and ensure that the repair is done correctly, and permanently, so you won’t have to worry about it again. We will walk you through the entire process and make sure you are well-educated on the issues at hand so that you can make the right decision for your home.

If you have any questions or you would like to schedule a free inspection, please call us today.

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