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Smart Vent

Smart Vent Flood Vents will save your foundation in the event of a severe flood.

Crawl Space Vent
During a flood, it’s better to equalize water pressure than to fight it. Flood vents can help avoid severe foundation damage by allowing flood waters to pass through foundation walls rather than pounding against them.

Severe flooding can happen anywhere. Although it is less common in the Midwest compared to coastal states, it still happens. Meteorologists are predicting an increase in extreme weather in the future, so it’s a good idea to protect your home from damage caused by floodwaters.

  • The changes will mean premium rate increases for some – but, not all — policyholders over time.
  • The new law encourages Program financial stability by eliminating some artificially low rates and discounts.
  • Most flood insurance rates will now move to reflect full risk, and rates will rise in some policies.
  • Subsidized rates for certain other classes of properties will be eliminated over time, beginning in late 2013.
  • FEMA can help communities lower flood risk and flood insurance premiums.

Smart Vent Flood Vents will save your foundation in the event of a severe flood. Although severe flooding is not as common in the Midwest, you’ll be glad you have it if you need it! As an added bonus, any sort of installation for flood vents could potentially lower your flood insurance premiums. Some homeowners have even seen as much as an 83% savings on their flood insurance policies.

Smart Vent Flood Vents open automatically to equalize water pressure.

During a severe flood, the water can put massive amounts of pressure against your foundation walls and potentially cause them to cave in or collapse. If your foundation walls were to collapse, the rest of your house is unprotected from the water and could be completely ruined from the rushing flood waters.

The best way to decrease the pressure of these powerful waters is to install a vent that will create a path through the foundation wall to balance the pressure on both sides of the foundation. The Smart Vent Flood Vents is the perfect solution for protecting your home from flood damage.

When floodwater comes into contact with the vent, an internal float mechanism unlatches the door, allowing it to pivot open. Unlike a screened vent that will trap debris and impede water movement, the flood vent provides a clear, clog-free opening that allows floodwater to flow in and out. The vent stays open as long as the water level is high enough to reach the vent opening.

Smart Vent Benefits

  • Meets building code, FEMA & National Flood Insurance Program requirements.
  • Models available for both vented and sealed crawl spaces.
  • Flood Vents for sealed crawl spaces include insulation and weather stripping for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Suitable for new construction or retrofit applications.
  • Stainless steel construction to resist corrosion.

Smart Vent Specs

  • 8-in. X 16-in. vent size matches standard crawl space vent openings.
  • Mounting flange makes installation quick and easy.
  • 5 different finishes available to match house colors.
  • Each vent protects 200sq.ft. of enclosed area.
  • Made in America.
  • Flood Vent models available for installation in garage doors, wood-framed walls and other locations.

Smart Vents Flood Vents Come in Two Styles

Insulated flood vents are ideal for sealed crawl spaces and insulated walls –any application where flood protection is desired but ventilation is not. With this style of flood vent, the vent door is made from rigid foam insulation surrounded by a durable skin of 316 marine-grade stainless steel. In the “closed” position, weather stripping around the door keeps exterior air out of the crawl space.

Alternatively, it’s possible to have Smart Vent Flood Vents installed that contain operable louvers for controlled ventilation into the crawl space. The louvers automatically pivot open or closed based on exterior temperature. For durability and corrosion resistance, louvered Smart Vent Flood Vents are also constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Use Smart Vent Flood Vents in foundation walls and other locations:

  • Crawl space & basement walls
  • Garage walls and overhead doors
  • Enclosed walls in breakaway foundations
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