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Want to Protect Your Holiday Decorations or Ornaments from Water?

Want to Protect Your Holiday Decorations or Ornaments from Water?

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Seasonal holidays in Moberly, MO, aren’t exciting without the lights, scented candles, garland, wreaths and tinsel. While these are special ingredients to experiencing the magic of the holiday, unpacking them and carrying them down to the basement can be stressful—more so when this area is unfinished, has water issues, and is teeming with mold. Before you move your seasonal decorations down to the basement, take time to waterproof the basement area, as it’s prone to moisture and water damage. 

check your decoration storage conditions

Packing your holiday decorations 

A good place to start is by organizing your decorations: 

  • Box up small decorations so you can have an easy time unpacking them. 
  • Wrap the artificial tree in a plastic wrap if it can’t fit inside the storage bag. 
  • Store ornaments of a single color in a zip-top bag. 
  • Keep dishes in your dining room cabinet or wrap them with newspaper, then stack them in a box. 
  • Insert wreaths in a thick plastic bag, then hang them in a rack. 
  • Wrap your holiday candles in cellophane, then store them in a refrigerator or move them to the basement where it’s cool. 
  • Cover wreaths in a plastic bag and hang them in a closet or store them in hat boxes. 
  • Drape the garland on your hand, then store it in bins or plastic bags. 
  • Wind string lights on a mailing tube or use wire clips or plastic light holders to keep them organized. 
  • Keep glass ball ornaments in their original storage boxes or a divided box after wrapping them with tissue. 
  • Buy archival storage for old family ornaments and pack them together with silica packets, which absorb moisture. 

You probably have several feet of storage space in the basement and are thinking of stowing your fancy holiday decorations and supplies down there. You need to make sure you have proper waterproofing measures in place to keep this area safe and dry. 

Exterior Waterproofing Methods 

Exterior waterproofing prevents underground water from infiltrating your basement. Any water that tries to get in is directed to the outside drains and away from your foundation. 

Start by intercepting any water outside of the basement. Gutters and downspouts need to be installed. If they’re present, they must be clog-free and in good shape so they can move water from the roof to the outside drains. Make sure downspouts are angled away from the foundation or have them professionally placed in the ground

Interior Basement Waterproofing 

Next, turn your attention to the inside, as it’s where your valuables will be stored. Seal up cracks and crevices on the basement walls and floor. Where the floor has sunk, the contractor will apply polyurethane foam injection to repair the floor cracks, a cost-effective and less invasive solution than concrete replacement. 

Water infiltration and condensation are threats to your basement and decorations. Your contractor will install an interior drainage system and connect it to a sump pump. Any water that gets in is directed outside before it pools on the floor. Dehumidification is also important as it helps stop condensation and mold growth. Talk to your contractor if you need help with selection and sizing. 

Get Proper Decoration Storage 

Your holiday decorations are precious. You wouldn’t want them to get soggy, mold-ridden or damaged in storage. Get bins with compartments for your décor. Transparent storage will come in handy for this purpose. Bin size depends on the number of items you’d like to store. 

As well as being easy to clean, they allow you to see what’s inside. Go for bins with airtight lids, as they’ll lock moisture out. This way, your decorations stay protected. You can rest easy knowing the next holiday decoration will be an easy, fun, and joyous occasion. 

If you need help with basement waterproofing in Moberly, MO, or the surrounding area, request a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote from Foundation Recovery Systems. We have the experience, tools, and expertise to stop water and moisture from getting into your basement and damaging your precious holiday decorations.

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