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10 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Pests Out of Your St. Louis, MO, Home This Winter

Winter weather drives pests and insects to seek shelter and nourishment in your home. Stay pest-free during the cold season using these tips and tricks.

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Winter in St. Louis, MO, doesn’t just usher in the holidays. It also compels many creatures to seek shelter and food indoors. With snow falling rapidly and ice sheets forming, no other place appears more attractive to them than your home. They’ll do everything to get inside because they will find the warmth and food they need to survive. 

Once these pests get inside your home, they will turn it upside down, starting with your crawl space. They can also bring lice and disease. Don’t allow them near your home. Take these steps to keep these creatures at bay. 

crawl space bugs and pests

1. Leave firewood outside 

We all want a nice warm fire on a chilly winter night. But these organic materials can harbor pests and give them a free pass to our home. Make sure the wood outside stays 20 feet away from the home. This way, you’ll discourage pests or vermin from accessing your home. 

2. Seal foundation cracks 

A mouse needs a crack that’s just 1/8 of an inch to access your home. Inspect your home for cracks and inspect the exterior walls for crevices or cracks. Fill and repair any crevice or opening along the foundation walls to deter pests from invading your home. If the cracks are severe, you may need certain foundation repair solutions from local contractors. 

3. Store food in airtight containers 

When pests come into your home, they’re likely to head to the kitchen first before they look for a comfortable space to sleep. Make sure that you store the food in sealed containers. This way, you’ll prevent gnawing pests from eating and contaminating your food. 

4. Seal doors and windows 

As temperatures dip, some of the insects and pests you detest will try to sneak in through spaces around your doors and windows. Make sure that you seal these fixtures properly. Weatherstripping can block all the dime-sized holes and prevent the creepy crawlies from entering your home. 

5. Vacuum clean 

Cockroaches thrive in moist areas with an abundance of food. They hide behind appliances in the kitchen and in the bathroom. You can prevent cockroach infestation by vacuuming your floors and emptying trash. Remember to inspect the kitchen area regularly for signs of cockroaches. 

6. Wipe your counters 

Food crumbs on your counters will also attract cockroaches and mice seeking food and warmth. Wipe counters after every meal. Cleaning up food crumbs discourages pests from invading the kitchen area. 

7. Inspect any package you receive 

If you will be receiving packages from friends or loved ones during the winter months, make sure you inspect each of them. Mice can get into your packages, boxes, or holiday decoration storage. Keep checking these areas throughout the winter period. 

8. Keep boxes off the floor 

Rodents like mice and rats that sneak into your home in winter are drawn to cluttered areas like the storage boxes in your home. Remove all the boxes on the floor. Inspect them for scratch marks and pest droppings, two indicators that mice are nesting in your home. 

9. Store shoes in plastic containers 

Some types of spiders like the brown recluse like weaving their webs in undisturbed areas like closets or attics. When the cold winter arrives, they can also turn your shoe into a home. You can discourage them from nesting by storing your shoes in sealed plastic containers and off the ground. 

10. Encapsulate the crawl space 

Your vented crawl space provides an easy passage for pests escaping the cold winter weather outside. From the crawl space, they can sneak into your home through openings and spaces. Enclose the crawl space with a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier that goes over the walls and floor and around obstacles. The barrier locks out pests and keeps moisture out as well. 

Get Help 

Pest infestation is a serious problem. Left unchecked, winter pests can turn your home into a breeding ground. Talk to your local pest control company to see what solutions they have. Pest exterminators know how to eradicate pests safely and efficiently. 

If you need help sealing your crawl space or repairing your foundation before and during winter, get in touch with the experts at Foundation Recovery Systems. We are happy to provide you with a free crawl space repair inspection and quote along with recommendations to keep it dry and pest-free in winter.

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