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Keep Your Yard Healthy by Unclogging Your Drains

Keeping your yard healthy and free from standing water isn’t easy when you have let your drains fill all summer. Here’s how you can fix them.

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Yard drainage systems are a small but important part of protecting your home from water damage during heavy rainfall and storms. If you have been experiencing repeated clogs and backups in your yard drainage systems, there are a number of possible causes. Whatever the cause, however, a blocked yard drain can cause a lot of trouble for your home and yard. 

installing grated drainage pipes

Causes of Yard Drainage Backups 

Your yard drain system is vulnerable to many issues, but the most common causes of recurring blockages, clogs, and backups are: 

Blocked Grates 

If your drain grates are blocked by debris or vegetation, it can take longer for water to filter from your yard into your drainage system. Thankfully, this is easy to solve; by removing all external debris and blockages, you should notice a dramatic rise in the speed of water drainage in your yard. 

Oversized Grates 

If your drainage grates have wide spaces in them, they could be letting excess debris into your drainage system. This can cause immediate blockages if you are unlucky, so it pays to invest in grates with narrower spaces or even add a screen to the top of your grates. 

Debris Buildup 

The buildup of organic debris like leaves and mud in your drainage system can cause pretty severe clogs. Thankfully, these are usually easy to shift. 

Root Incursion 

If tree roots begin to invade your yard drainage system, they can be hard to move. As such, the best solution for this problem can be to cut out the roots and simply replace the drainage system. 

Often, the cause of slow or blocked drainage from your yard is a mixture of these problems. 

Fixing Your Clogged Yard Drainage System 

If you need to get your system moving again quickly, there are some things you can do to get even a damaged drainage system working again. First and foremost, you should check all your grates and open them up if you can. 

By checking the space for blockages and debris and clearing the grate, you will ensure that water is entering your drainage system quickly. Once you have done this, use your garden hose to flush the drainage system. The pressure of the water from your hose should be sufficient to shift soft debris buildups and clogs. 

If you know where the inspection portals are, you can look to see if the water is actually moving inside your drainage system. If it is then you know your yard is draining, even if it is slow. If the water in the inspection portal isn’t moving at all, you have a serious blockage somewhere. 

In this case, you can try using a drain snake or a hydro-jet to shift stubborn deposits and clogs. If you are able to do this, you should see some movement in the system. If this doesn’t work at all, you should contact professionals immediately to assess the cause of the problem. 

Call Foundation Recovery Systems When Your Yard Won’t Drain 

Foundation Recovery Systems has been helping homeowners to protect their home and yard from water damage since 1993; we know what it takes to keep things moving, and there’s no clog, block, or backup that we can’t handle. Whether you have serious blockages that need careful removal or a complete drainage replacement, our team will work quickly and efficiently to repair your yard drainage with minimal disruption to your day. All you need to do is arrange a free no-obligation inspection with our team. Our inspector will attend your property quickly, make a full assessment of your yard’s drainage systems, and provide you with a same-day written quote for the recommended repairs. This quote will include the exact cost of the repairs suggested and a time scale for their completion so you can consider all of the pertinent facts before making a decision.

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