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Wall Anchor project completed at home in Kansas City, KS

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Barbara and her husband had no concerns with their actual house but had a shop that was built in 1976, when the home was built too. The shop has an 8 inch poured concrete foundation wall.

The Foundation Recovery Systems inspections showed many different concerns. The front (North) foundation wall showed suffering from inward lateral deflection that was most likely caused by hydro-static pressures and expansive soils. The Northeast corner had a large vertical crack with 1.5 inches of shear. A large angular crack, starting nine feet in from the corner was found. Two small vertical cracks from the top of the foundation wall to below the floor measured 12-14′ from each corner, and the West end wall revealed a crack started at the top of the wall nine feet from the Northwest corner. On the other side, the East end wall had a vertical crack seven foot in from the Southeast corner from the top wall to below the floor. All of these cracks were found because the floor showed vertical settlement. Deflection of the back (North) sidewall had measured at 10′ and 20′ from the Northeast corner.

An exterior inspection showed a visible dip in the roofline where the roof trusses were sitting on the rotated wall. A vertical crack in the West garage wall indicated possible vertical settlement: the Northwest back corner of the garage showed rotational cracking on both walls, two angular cracks started at the window in the center of the garage along the back (North) sidewall, and cracks were found along the North back sidewall of the home foundation at the Northeast corner.


After all inspections, interior and exterior, were performed, FRS recommended to the homeowners that the installment of Wall Anchors would permanently stabilize the back (North) foundation endwall. FRS installed the Wall Anchors by digging small holes in the soil, a few feet away from the foundation, where a steel rod was drilled through a one inch hole in the basement wall. That rod was connected to the earth anchor that was seated deep within the augored hole. A low-profile wall plate was placed on the interior of the basement wall where the rod was secured to the wall. The augored hole was then backfilled and the sod was replaced. The Wall Anchors installed are the best opportunity to straighten the wall over time because they have the ability to be tightened during dry periods. FRS also sealed all the cracks on the walls with hydraulic cement. The homeowners were very happy with the work completed by the FRS team, “The inside garage floor was swept cleaner than it has probably been in the 30+ years we have lived here!”

Project Summary

Certified Installer:Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman:Charles Carden

Products Installed:5 Wall Anchor Standard Assembly, Exterior Drainage, Rock for Drain Tile, Outside Foundation Wall Covering

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