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Homeowner’s Guide to Construction Issues and Foundation Problems in Summer

Foundation settlement is a major construction issue that can put your home’s foundation on the line.

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When you start building a home, a crumbling foundation is the last thing you’d want to experience. A problem of this type will jeopardize your home construction and force you to the drawing board. The good news is that you can address the foundation issues and finish building your home. 

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the foundation issues that crop up in Kansas City, MO, summer weather and tell you what happens to the ground below your home as well. Your local contractor will advise you on the best course of action. 

foundation issues while building

Are Foundations Always Stable? 

We all expect the foundation of a home to have solid support throughout, right? Seasonal changes in summer affect the density of the soil. During this time, soil loses water, shrinks, and pulls apart from your foundation. This triggers foundation settlement and other problems like cracks. 

What Happens to the Foundation in Summer? 

Your soil gives up its water through evaporation. When this happens, the foundation soil shrinks and crumbles, creating gaps underneath your foundation. The rate at which the foundation settles depends on the rate of evaporation. 

Signs of a settling foundation are subtle sometimes. So, you can’t tell whether the foundation is sinking. 

It’s not uncommon for people to discover cracks and other foundation settlement issues months after the ground first caved in. By this time, the problem will have been serious, and water or moisture will have already invaded their homes. 

We encourage you to inspect your foundation and the perimeter of your home. Check for signs of cracks and other structural problems. Some issues may start small and worsen with time. Any crack that’s wider than ¼ inch is likely to be more than an eyesore. 

How Do I Know the Foundation is Settling? 

Keep an eye out for these signs when carrying out a foundation inspection: 

Drywall cracks 

Inspect the drywall in your home for cracks or crevices. They’re good indicators of foundation settlement. Cracks may appear prominently in the upper section of your home. The severity of drywall cracks depends on their location, size, and number. 

Foundation cracks 

Vertical cracks may also form on the walls as lateral forces pull them apart. But that’s not the only cause. Poor site preparation and overloading are to blame as well. Wider cracks on top of the wall are a sign settlement is underway. Act fast to save your walls. Otherwise, the cracks will introduce surface water into your home. 

Tilting chimney 

When the chimney is heavy and the foundation is weak, the chimney is going to tilt. You’re likely to see this if your chimney stands separately or detaches from your home’s foundation. 

Structural issues 

Foundation settlement will also affect your doors and windows. Both fixtures may separate from their frames or refuse to close properly. Cracks may appear around the corners of your windows as well. Try opening them. If they stick, foundation settlement may be to blame. 

Possible Fixes for Foundation Problems 

Water the soil during hot summer weather so as to keep it moist. This way, the soil won’t lose water and shrink. You can water the soil early in the morning or before the sun sets. We encourage you to use an automatic lawn sprinkler to wet the soil around your foundation. If you are in a position to install rock beds near the foundation, do that as well. They encourage water to seep through to the soil and curtail cracks. 

While those are solutions you can use on your own, more heavy-duty, permanent fixes require the expertise of foundation repair professionals. Depending on the type of foundation you have, as well as the damage, there are various foundation pier systems that can be installed to reinforce and help lift the settling portions of your foundation. 

Don’t let construction issues and foundation problems get in the way of building your dream home. Contact Foundation Recovery System for free foundation repair inspection and quote. We will recommend solutions like helical piers and push piers that stabilize the foundation and floors. We can restore the foundation to its original level so as to prevent further structural damage to your home.

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