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Cold Weather and Foundation Problems

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FRS shrinking soil

During the colder months of the year, your home will be subject to foundation problems as the cold weather affects the ground beneath and around your home.

One example of this is shrinking soil. This happens when there is no water in the soil surrounding and beneath your home. The cold weather creates a dry atmosphere that evaporates the water in the ground and causes the soil to shrink, allowing room for movement and settlement. This settling results in increased pressure against your foundation and may cause a multitude of problems depending on your foundation structure.

  • If you have a basement, signs of settlement will take place on your doors, windows, and your interior and exterior walls. You will notice tell-tale signs, such as stair shape cracks in your walls, and your doors and windows will begin sticking to their frames when you try to open or close them.
  • If you have a slab foundation, you will see signs of settlement in your floors and walls. Your floors will have cracks running through them, adjacent walls will begin to pull apart from each other, and your interior walls will separate from your ceiling.

Another negative impact is that the cold weather can also allow moisture and water to damage your foundation. A great example of this is frost and snow. As it melts, the water will enter the cracks in your foundation which were caused by the shrinking soil. The sudden increase in moisture can then enter your home and cause major deterioration to your basement or crawl space.

The last thing on your mind during the holiday season is your home’s foundation. Having foundation problems due to shrinking soil and the cold weather is not the kind of gift you want! Call Foundation Recovery Systems at 800-974-9543 or click below to fill out a form to schedule a free foundation inspection. Don’t let cold weather damage your foundation!

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