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Anchors, IntelliBraces and Push Piers all installed in Independence, MO


This home in Independence, Missouri had experienced lateral and vertical deflection up to a 1/2 inch from the West to the East. And the side wall of the home had experienced 3/4 of an inch from the front to the back. To help this, Foundation Recovery Systems found it best to install a total of 13 Wall Anchors on the front and back walls to straighten the wall over time, 8 IntelliBraces on the side wall of the basement to support the basement wall and allow for potential straighening over time and 11 Push Piers to lift the home back toward its original position and can close cracks and improve the operation of doors and windows.


Wall Anchor Installation:

  1. A small hole was dug in the soil a few feet away from the foundation.
  2. A steel rod was drilled through a 1 inch hole in the basement wall, that hole is connected to the earth anchor that is seated deep within the augored hole.
  3. A low-profile wall plate was placed on the interior of the basement wall and was secured to the rod.
  4. The augored hole was backfilled and sod was replaced. Once all components of the wall anchor system were connected and tightened,the basement wall was permanently stabilized.

IntelliBrace Installation:

  1. Cutting the Wall Braces-each power brace had to be cut to the appropriate height of the wall.
  2. Securing the Floor Joist-the top of each brace was attached to the floor joist near the mudsill at the top of the wall. A specially designed bracket was bolted to the floor joist and contained a large-diamter bolt for adjusting and tightening after the installation which will not damage the floor framing.
  3. Fine-Tuning the IntelliBrace-each power brace is fine tuned with a level
  4. Attaching the brace to the floor-each beam was attached to the concrete foundation floor with a special, bolt-in-place bracket.
  5. Straightening Walls-The I-beam can be tightened over time which can force a bowed or buckled foundation wall back towards its original vertical and straight position.

Push Pier Installatin:

  1. Soil was removed from the area where the piers needed to be driven.
  2. A heavy-duty steel bracket was installed below and against the foundation’s footing.
  3. Steel pier sections were hydraulically driven through the bracket to bedrock or a stable soil layer.
  4. The weight of the home was then transferred through the piers to a competent soil below. The lift was then attempted.
  5. Once the stabilization lift was completed, the soil was backfilled and the home was permanently stabilized in its new position.

Project Summary

Certified Installer: Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman: Shawn Neal

Products Installed: Eleven 3″ Push Pier Low Profile, Six Joist Reinforcements, Nine 8ft IntelliBraces, 13 Wall Anchors

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