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Tales from the Crypt: 8 of Our Most Hair-Raising Crawl Space Situations

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There was WHAT in that crawl space?

There’s no denying as homeowners we may not want to face what is lurking beneath our feet in our house, and who could blame us? It could literally be anything: mold, insects, maybe even mountain lions! While we only have our own crawl spaces to worry about, the sales and production crews take them on almost every day. We wanted to share 8 of the craziest/creepiest/nastiest crawl space projects our crews have recently encountered:

standign water in nasty crawl space

1. Hidden Mice Colonies

When crawl spaces are unattended to, critters can move in! While removing piles and piles of old debris from a space, a production crew found dozens of mice living in the insulation.

2. Small Spaces

Job sites are not always for those with claustrophobia. An inspector doing an inspection became stuck in a tight crawl space when the rotted joists had caused the floor above to sink. This caused him to become completely wedged.

3. Smelly Pigsties

Crawl spaces are frequently nasty, but one was a pig style literally. Before our Certified Field Inspector could enter the space, the homeowner removed all of the pigs from the room because the crawl space was located underneath. The mud and slop were still there.

4. One Word: Snakes

It’s probably no surprise that in a cool, damp place, snakes are bound to show up. For one inspector, he never actually saw the snake. That was probably for the best, because he did find multiple snake skins… one of which was 7 feet in length.

5. Crawl Full of Cats

One homeowner unknowingly became a cat lady when the crew found 9 cats living in her crawl space. The vents to the space had been left open, and the cats made themselves at home.

6. Surprise Waterboarding

Nothing appeared to be all that bad about this next crawl space as our Certified Field Inspector entered it. That is, until the homeowner went to take a shower. The water from the shower was draining underneath into the crawl space right where the inspector had crawled to. He was surprised with gallons of water coming at his face and no way to get out.

7. Underground Swimming Pools

Many crawl spaces are just that: spaces with just enough room to crawl through. If that isn’t enough of a struggle, a CFI had to crawl under and through a crawl space with a foot of standing water while inspecting it.

8. Feces: From a Human

The craziest, nastiest situation took place when a production member crawled underneath a crawl space and placed his hand in something that wasn’t soil. Not only had he stuck his hand in feces, but it was believed to be from a human! Needless to say, that was one of the last things he expected to find.

Those crawl spaces were all clearly in need of attention, but sometimes signs and symptoms (and invaders) are not so apparent. Mold and humidity are the culprits most homeowners are dealing with. Humid and damp crawl spaces can result in rotting wood supporting the floors, musty smells entering the home, high humidity in the home during summer, and cold floors in the winter. That constant humidity becomes mold, which adds allergies to the dreadful mix.

The biggest takeaway is this: crawl spaces are not meant to be creepy or gross. You spend a lot of time and money with your home; it should be in its best shape!

We want the best for your home, and we are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time so you don’t have to stress. Contact us today for a free crawl space estimate.

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