FRS completes a bigger job in Waynesville, MO

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This homeowner had a dirt floor crawl space that he wanted to encapsulate and also had sagging floors in his home that needed support. The homeowner wanted to have the floor system stabilized, fix the ground water seepage, keep the crawl space dry all the time, isolate the home from the earth, seal all vents and openings, and dehumidify the air in the crawl space to make his home healthier. Lots of work was needed but Foundation Recovery Systems was trained and well prepared to complete all of the homeowner’s request.


The first job FRS completed was by removing and disposing all of the debris in the crawl space; this helped the crew move in and out of the crawl space easier. To encapsulate the crawl space, FRS installed a footer drainage system around the entire perimeter of the crawl space which ran into the the SafeDri Triple Safe and the discharge line. A drainage matting and CrawlSeal was also installed to direct water to the crawl space drain and the Sump Pump system. To finish the encapsulation, a FRS Dehu unit was installed that will keep the dry air circulating throughout the whole crawl space area.

On the exterior of the home, the FreezeGuard and YardWell units were installed to eject water away from the foundation even if the discharge line freezes or becomes clogged. Two Vent Covers and an LumaBright Door were installed to keep the outside air away along with all of the moisture, pests, winter cold and summer heat it brings. The LumaBright Door also creates an airtight and waterproof seal between the crawl space and the outside air.

To fix the sagging floors in the home, FRS installed 8 3ft IntelliJacks and 10 Supplemental Beams. The IntelliJacks lifted the above floors back to their original position and are designed specifically for crawl spaces. The sytem will never be susceptible to mold, moisture, or wood rot because of the zinc-plated structural steel girder that is is provided with. Even though this homeowner had many different projects put into one job, FRS was able to complete all of the homeowner’s request and the homeowner was left happy with an encapsulated crawl space and stable floors.

Project Summary

Certified Installer: Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman: Clint Dixon

Products Installed: CrawlSeal™ Liner, Crawl Space Door, Drainage Matting, FRS Dehu, 2 Vent Covers, 8 3ft IntelliJacks, 10 Supplemental Beams, Debris Removal, Exterior Drainage, FreezeGuard, YardWell, SafeDri Triple Safe, CrawlSeal Pinkie Roll

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