Crawl Space in Jefferson City, MO gets ExtremeBloc and FRS Dehu

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Not every crawl space concern has to result in a full encapsulation installation, especially this one out of Jefferson City, Missouri. And having a crawl space that smells musty isn’t what any homeowner wants to deal with. As it started to get colder, this crawl space smell would get worse and the homeowners were done with dealing with it.


The homeowners were initially concerned with some mold on the ceiling in the main bathroom but were also slightly concerned with a lower level storage room. The home sits on a crawl space but had no access to it and the owners weren’t interested in creating one. So, they just wanted to make the room more energy efficient and get rid of the musty smells. To fulfill the homeowner’s request, Foundation Recovery Systems installed eight-foot long panels on all four walls and up against the bottom side of the concrete ceiling. The panels are made up of graphite particles that give the insulation its high R value and silver shine and is sure to keep the air outside the home separate from that within. It also contains a radiant barrier that reflects heat back into the crawl space and increases home energy savings. To help get rid of the musty smells, a FRS Dehumidifier unit was installed that can remove up to 109 pints of water per day and keeps dry air circulating all over the space. The system ensures that the relative humidity stays below 55% all year long so mold doesn’t have a chance in growing. With these installments, it will keep the room warm, dry and mold-free.

Project Summary

Certified Installer: Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman: Clinton Dixon

Products Installed: FRS Dehumidifier, ExtremeBloc