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8 Things You Can Do To Keep Crawl Space Pests and Rodents Away

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How to avoid pests in your crawl space

Any unwelcome guest to the crawl space like raccoons, rats, mice, and possums should never be allowed to colonize your St. Louis, MO, home. They won’t just occupy the damp space below the home, they will damage it. Within no time, they will be making forays into your living room, scrounging for food and more comfort. You’ve got to be proactive and take measures to stop them right in their tracks. Sadly, many people act when the damage has been done or when their homes become unlivable. Inspect and clean your crawl space regularly. Signs such as mud tubes from termites, fur, wings, nests, and droppings should alert you of pest activity. Take the following steps as soon as possible.

1) Deny pests food

Pests get into the crawl space because it is warm and supplies them with food in cold weather. Make sure you clean your kitchen area daily and store all unsealed food in airtight plastic containers. When pests realize they can’t find any food, they won’t stick around longer than it’s necessary as they’re going to starve.

2) Seal your trash well

If your trash well is on the outside, make sure it’s not only mouse-proof but sealed with an airtight lid so no rodent can get in and scrounge for leftovers.

3) Set snap traps

We also encourage you to get reusable snap traps and use them to eradicate mice. The good thing about them is they have two-way entries that allow mice to get from both directions and a detachable bait cup that makes baiting easy. If you can set several traps, you increase the likelihood of killing more pests and knocking down the mice population.

4) Close the crawl space 

Line your walls and floor with plastic vapor barrier and seal vents to control moisture. The reason is moisture in the crawl space creates an ideal atmosphere for pests to nest. When these come in, they can invade your home and cause structural damage. Pest droppings also pose significant health risks and can weaken your insulation. By sealing your crawl space, you will lock out pests and moisture and create a hospitable environment for your family.

5) Bar entry from the outside

Look for vents, cracks, and openings then seal them with caulk and foam insulation. These are potential entry points for mice and termites. And they also let in moisture to the crawl space. A quick inspection can reveal openings and access points so you can block them.

6) Don’t store organic materials

Avoid storing newspapers, cardboard boxes and firewood near your home or close to the foundation. These items encourage insects and pests to enter your home through cracks. Remember, your goal is to make this space as unattractive to critters as possible.

7) Exterminate rodents with pesticides

Another effective way of ridding your crawl space of pests like mice and rats is applying pesticides on the things they love. A good example is lacing food with rat poison and leaving it near rat holes or pathways or nests. You will see numbers going down drastically, and in no time, pests will stop bothering you.

8) Remove dirt and debris

Both make good hideouts and nesting areas for mice and rats. The same goes for damaged insulation that hangs from the crawl space roof. Get these out and dispose of them quickly.

Signs You Have Pests in the Crawl Space

A number of signs should alert you of pest infestation. When inspecting the crawl space, look out for one more of the following signs:

  • Pest droppings
  • Evidence of nesting
  • Scratch or grease marks
  • Physical damage to wood
  • Damaged plants
  • Nibbling or scratching sounds

Worried that pests have taken over your crawl space? Schedule an inspection and get a free crawl space quote for repairs and cleanups. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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