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Dramatic Driveway Lift in Madison, MO

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Driveways, sidewalks, and porches are all common victims of poorly compacted and washed out soil. This results in the slab sinking a couple of inches on average. For a homeowner in Madison, Missouri, he faced two instances of sunken slabs that were far from average – which is when he decided to call Foundation Recovery Systems after having them referred from a friend.

Part I: The Garage Floor

At first glance, the slab that made up the garage floor looked to be in decent shape. Cracking was minimal, and there didn’t appear to be trip hazards. However, unlike like the typical couple of inches, this slab had sunk over half a foot. The challenge that the installation crew faced was that the slab of concrete was at risk for cracking because it had such a long way to be lifted. PolyRenewal, the lightweight product that gets injected underneath the slab and expands to raise it, expands rapidly. A slab of this size and height was going to take a more methodical approach than the typcial sunken sidewalk. Additionally, the slab needed to raise evenly, or more cracks could occur from the slab butting against the surrounding walls.

Part II: The Porch Sidewalk

The second portion of the homeowner’s project was a slab of concrete leading up to the front porch. It had only sunk on one side, which had caused it to tilt in towards the foundation of the house. Rain water was beginning to gather in this area with such a severe slant, putting the home’s foundation at risk. The challenge here was that injecting Polyrenewal causes an entire slab to rise, and only half of the sidewalk actually needed this treatment.


Part I: The Garage Floor

The biggest factor in successfully raising a big slab a great amount is patience. The process must be eased into, or else, like most rapid expansions, it leads to damage. To approach this idea, the crew drilled the small PolyRenewal injection holes throughout the area of the floor, and began injecting the substance in smaller increments. This ensured that the slab was being raised slowly yet evenly. The foreman had to carefully watch for PolyRenewal coming out through the sides of the floor to signal it was time to start injecting in a different part, and give it time to completely expand. After two hours of this process, the garage floor was succesfully raised a whole seven inches with next to no extra cracking. PolyRenewal, though light, is a very dense substance that is not water soluable, guaranteeing that the garage floor would not experience any sinking moving foward.

Part II: The Porch Sidewalk

The crew needed to “guide” the PolyRenewal and keep it only on one side of the slab – this took some creativity and audience participation. While the foreman injected the PolyRenewal, two people stood on the edge of the other side of the slab. This extra weight helped force the Polyrenewal to go to where the lift was needed. This attempt ended up being successful, and the foreman even raised the sunked side slightly higher by request of the homeowner, to guide rain water away from the foundation of the home.

Each slab proved to be tricky, but both were able to be restored almost perfectly. This lead to a satisfied crew and more importantly, a pleased customer.

Project Summary

Certified Installer: Foundation Recovery Systems

Foreman: Jared Martin

Product Installed: PolyRenewal

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