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5 Things About Concrete Replacement You Should Know

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You have a cracked and sunken driveway looming outside your house. It’s a project you’ve meant to get to for months now, but you just can’t get yourself to pick up the phone and make the call. You teeter back and forth about finally getting it over with, but the thought of needing this big repair just evokes feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and sometimes even dread.

Fixing your home should be more exciting than stressful. What if we told you that there’s a solution you won’t lose sleep over? That solution is PolyRenewal™ . For every question that you ask yourself as you lay awake at night with worry about replacing concrete, we have an answer on how PolyRenewal™ is changing the game in repairing concrete:

1. What if it makes a complete mess?

Replacing your concrete doesn’t only mean putting in the new slab, it first consists of breaking down and removing the old one. Talk about a nuisance to your daily routine! With PolyRenewal, the noisy and messy removal steps are eliminated from the process. PolyRenewal is inserted underneath the existing concrete – once the process is complete, you don’t even know it’s there!

2. What if it takes forever?

Besides removing and pouring new concrete, there’s the waiting for it to dry. PolyRenewal projects are typically completed within a couple of hours. HOURS! Can you imagine a product that makes your sunken driveway look as good as new before lunch time? We can. And unlike new concrete, there is little to no waiting for it to dry. Go ahead and park your car there when we are done!

3. What if it looks bad?

When replacing only part of your concrete to save money, you end up with different shades of gray. PolyRenewal allows you to keep your current concrete. The holes we drill into your concrete to insert the PolyRenewal are less than an inch in diameter – less than the size of a quarter. Those holes and any cracks are filled at the end, restoring your curbside appeal. No having to worry about an ugly repair job!

4. What if I can’t afford it?

The cost of replacing your concrete is probably the most stress inducing of all. We can’t promise that a PolyRenewal project will always be cheaper than new concrete, but we can guarantee it’s going to be the wiser investment. Your concrete is sinking, not because your concrete sucks, but because of your soil. Soil washes out, shrinks and expands with the changing seasons. So, replacing your concrete may work in the short term, but a few years down the road, you will likely be back in the same situation. PolyRenewal secures your concrete slab, and doesn’t allow for washout. Save yourself the stress later on and do it right the first time!

5. What if it makes things worse?

With PolyRenewal, your problem will be solved once and for all. If you need more than our word, there is a long-term warranty included in the project, along with follow-up appointments if wanted. Concrete repair won’t need to be costing you a good night’s sleep anymore. Go ahead, rest easy.

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