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FRS Crew member installing interior drainage system

Basement Waterproofing

Damp Spots? Learn About Water Seepage and Waterproofing Solutions Learn More

At some point during your tenure as a homeowner, your basement is probably going to leak. Missouri is known, after all, for its variable weather – one heavy rain may be all it takes for seepage to appear. Unfortunately, this isn’t a harmless problem. Water seepage can cause all sorts of problems in your basement, […]

Waterproof Concrete Block Walls – Water Damage In Your Basement Learn More

Worried about damp, wet walls or water in your basement or crawl space? Is it time to waterproof your concrete block walls?  Water is one of our most precious and valuable resources. It is also an incredible force of nature that can break down just about anything in its path. Unless it is coming through […]

Waterproofing Your Basement – How It Works Learn More

The process of waterproofing your basement is different for everyone. Most of the time, you’ll choose a preferred method based on the severity of your basement’s leaks. How do you know, though, when it’s time to waterproof your basement? Furthermore, what kind of options do you have available to you? Let’s take a look at […]

Crew installing WallSeal in Basement

Hiring a Basement Repair Contractor? Know the Good from the Bad Learn More

You’ve probably heard the horror story of a neighbor or friend who hired a basement repair contractor who turned out to be a scammer. Like every good guy, you felt sorry for them and told yourself you’re never going to fall for a scammer. Big mistake! You can easily fall for the smooth-talking contractor because […]

Top 10 Signs of Water in Your Crawl Space Learn More

Top 10 Signs of Water in Your Crawl Space Your crawl space is an essential part of your home’s foundation, and it’s no stranger to the challenges posed by seasonal rains, snow melt, high water tables, or unexpected plumbing leaks. Before you can start the repair process, you must first identify that you have a […]

Basement Waterproofing Can Save You Money on Insurance Learn More

Over the years, the cost of homeowners insurance can really add up. And when you tack on flood insurance, the price gets even higher. A great way to feel protected from heavy rains and potential flooding is to hire a Missouri basement waterproofing specialist, who can professionally and affordably waterproof and seal your basement. Waterproofing […]

6 Ways Waterproofing Makes Your Life Better Learn More

Basement waterproofing. It hardly sounds exciting. It seems like a lot of work. It’s probably one of those “I’ll get around to it one of these days” tasks that sits at the bottom of your honeydew list forever. You may convince yourself that any leaking in your basement isn’t too much to deal with or […]

Flooded basement interior

Why Should I Waterproof My Basement? Learn More

For most of us, our home is our #1 investment — and not just in terms of money. A home is where we raise our family, lay our head at night, and create memories with friends and loved ones. That’s why it’s important to protect your home — your investment — with effective basement waterproofing […]

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