Foundation Waterproofing completed in Kansas City, MO

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A customer out of Kansas City, Missouri was in the process of finishing his basement when he realized that he needed to replace a window in his basement. After receiving a free estimate from FRS, the homeowner was now getting four new Window Well Ducts installed, a full perimeter BasementGutter Drainage System System with a Triple Safe and CrawlSeal for added protection. Along with the four new window wells, one egress window in the Northeast corner of the home was getting replaced with a window.


Window Wells are usually replaced because the older ones fill with leaves, dirt and weeds, and they can be easily filled with snow and water which could then lead to leaking in the basement. The Window Wells installed by FRS are dry basement products that will not decay when exposed to the elements, they instead maximize the beauty of the basement space. In addition, the wells will also keep cold winter winds from blowing against the panes. The Egress Window that was installed is energy-efficient, has a vinyl-frame and was designed with a double-pane. This window replaced the rotting, outdated steel and wood-framed basement window. Some positive things about the Egress window is that it will never rot, rust, decay, or need paint; and the clean cover and brightly colored sides and bottom will maximize the sunlight and direct it into the basement. Also installed in this basement was the Waterproofing products: CrawlSeal was hung up on the walls that will hold back water vapor passing through the foundation wall and direct it to the sump pump, a Triple Safe which is the most reliable sump pump system that provides three levels of protection, and on the exterior of the home, an anti-freeze device was installed to eject water away from the foundation in the event that the sump pump discharge line freezes or becomes clogged and a pipe buried from the downspout to a special YardWell outlet which lets water out onto the surface while camouflaging the end. Foundation Recovery Systems was able to install all the products needed to fulfill the homeowner’s requests which left the homeowner happy with the final installation.

Project Summary

Certified Installer:Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman:Justin Davis

Products Installed:Exterior Discharge PVC 4″ Solid, FreezeGuard, YardWell, Triple Safe, BasementGutter, CrawlSeal 8′ pinkie roll, Rockwell Egress Window & Cover

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