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6 Effective Ways to Keep Crawling Insects and Pests Out of Your Home

Find out how you can keep your crawl space and home free of pests during this cold season.

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Days are getting colder, and as the ground loses heat, pests and crawling insects around your home will start looking for warmer spaces. Your crawl space and home are sheltered from the rain and the elements. When outside conditions become unbearable, they’ll seek refuge in the warmer areas. They’re not coming in of their own volition; they’re escaping the outside weather. Your home is warm and likely has enough food to see them through the harsh winter until the conditions outside improve. 

Don’t wait for pests to start attacking your home. Implement these measures this fall, and you won’t wake up to scratching or gnawing sounds in your home. This way, you will keep pests at bay and turn your crawl space and living areas into valuable areas in your property. 

keep insects out

1. Identify Hot Spots 

Your home is the perfect environment for critters. Why? It has food, water, and comfortable areas where pests can thrive. They’ll attempt to get into your living space and remain there for as long as conditions remain conducive. Find out what areas need close attention. Common hotspots for crawling insects and pests include utility rooms, storage rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and behind large furniture or equipment. 

2. Reinforce the Perimeter 

Most pests invade your home from the outside. Rodents, spiders, and cockroaches creep through crevices and tiny openings. Check your exterior walls for cracks and openings. Pay attention to penetration points within your utilities. Seal holes with water-resistant sealants. 

Maintain your yard and clear any vegetation that’s close to your home. The closest should be 12 inches. Pests will feed on vegetation and use them as staging sites to get inside. Trim plants and trees and remove dead leaves fast so pests and crawling insects won’t have anywhere to hide. Consult with a pest management service to identify strategic bait stations on the exterior. 

3. Enhance Indoor Sanitation and Cleaning 

If you’d like to keep pests from invading your home, you have to remove the incentives that encourage them. Critters will feed on drain residue and chew equipment. Clean your drains and equipment regularly using an organic cleaner. Clear our potential food source like spills and crumbs in the kitchen. Remove trash and seal the garbage cans tightly. Remember to sanitize the trash-handling areas on your premises. 

4. Waterproof Your Basement 

Within days of temperatures dropping, you may notice increased pest activity around your basement. That’s not unusual. Roaches, spiders, and rodents can access this space via openings and the dirt ground. In this area of your home, they will find moisture, nourishment, and a safe place where no one bothers them. They will settle down and start multiplying, and within no time, started coming up to your home. Keep your home just for you and your family, making it inhospitable to pests. Waterproof your basement with various solutions including an interior drainage system, sump pump, dehumidifier, and vapor barrier.  

5. Encapsulate the Crawl Space 

If you have a crawl space instead of a basement, enclosing it with a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier not only locks out moisture but all the insects and pests. Termites, rats, and mice won’t have anywhere to go. And that means they won’t damage your wooden beams or joists or defecate in the crawl space area. With pests and termites out of the picture, you’ll have a clean, dry space that you can put to good use. 

6. Work with A Pest Management Team 

Always consult a pest management service before you make a major decision regarding pest control or eradication. They will share practical tips and advice for keeping your home pest-free during fall and the coming winter. Get in touch with Foundation Recovery Systems if you need help waterproofing your basement or encapsulating your crawl space. We can help you repair these areas of your home so it remains dry and pest-free all year round. Schedule a free inspection and quote from our friendly experts.

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