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Stabilizing a Foundation Wall in Blue Springs, MO

When a homeowner from Blue Springs called us, significant cracks were already visible all over his home. Here’s what we found when we got to his house.

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Foundation problems are a nightmare for most homeowners. While most owners understand that keeping the foundation in a good shape is in their best interest, when issues do come up, some homeowners decide to look the other way. This is understandable because repairing the damage can sometimes last longer than a couple of days and completely disrupt their daily rhythm. It can also be expensive depending on the extent of damage and need for repairs.  

Unfortunately, the longer they wait, the worse the problems get. What was once a minor issue that could be repaired quickly and easily, becomes a huge problem that compromises the home’s structural stability. Therefore, repairing foundation damage as soon as you notice it is always the best strategy. 

One of our customers from Blue Springs, located about 20 miles east of Kansas City, MO, was well aware of the fact that the longer he waited to fix the problems, they would only get worse and more expensive. Since it has been three years since he had noticed cracks throughout his home, he knew that postponing repairs any longer would not end up well. Luckily, with the IntelliBrace™ system and wall anchors, we were able to restore his home to its previous state. 

wall anchor installed

Meeting the Customer 

When we went to meet with the customer, we learned that we were not the first foundation repair company that he contacted. However, he said he didn’t have a good feeling about any of the other contractors, so he kept looking.  

The homeowner knew everything there is about the house since he had been living there for the past decade. The home was built in 1974 and he first noticed cracks in his drywall three years ago. However, they were getting worse lately and had started to appear throughout his home. Since he was tired of dealing with drafts and eyesores because of the cracks, he decided to hire a professional company to find the root of the problem and fix it for good. 

Initial Inspection 

The house in question was a split-level wood-framed structure on a poured concrete foundation, with a basement. Since the customer had notified us that he has problems with cracks throughout his home, our inspector had some idea of what to look for.  

When he got to the customer’s home, he was immediately able to notice cracks in the corners. It was also quite clear that the basement walls were bowing inward. Since rainstorms were nothing unusual in this part of the country, this problem most likely happened due to hydrostatic pressure.  

Apart from the bowing walls, the structure was also experiencing vertical cracks in the foundation. While cracks normally appear on every building as the years pass, this number and size of cracks were not considered normal for the age of the structure. Our expert was also able to detect interior cracking in the ceiling, around windows, and throughout drywall. It was clear to our inspector that the home’s foundation was no longer stable.  

After completing their inspection, our professional recommended IntelliBrace™ beams and wall anchors to stabilize the foundation, and the customer agreed that that was the best solution. 

wall crack

Repairing the Damage 

We determined that the best way to permanently stabilize the back foundation wall was to install five anchors in the garage and storage room, and four IntelliBrace™ stabilizers in the finished basement. Unfortunately, we ran into some obstacles during the project, such as the electrical box in the storage closet and large trees in the back which made our job more difficult.  

However, we still managed to fix the damage in two days. We notified the homeowner that we would have to remove some of the drywall to install our fixtures, but since he wanted the problem solved as quickly as possible, he had nothing against this move. We only took down what had to be removed, and we ended up removing eight linear feet of drywall.  

We chose the wall anchors because not only can they permanently stabilize the bowing wall, they can also straighten it over time and restore it to its previous position. Also, the homeowner was pleased with this solution since the anchors did not take up any valuable space. Since wall anchors are made of high-grade corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel there is no need to worry about corrosion. These anchors come with a longtime warranty and have proved themselves as the most effective method for moderate as well as severely bowed basement walls.  

Apart from installing five wall anchors, our team also installed four IntelliBrace™ stabilizers in the finished basement. Since our crew was not able to approach the wall from the outside due to large trees in the backyard, these stabilizers were the best solution. Just like wall anchors, these stabilizers are also made of high-grade galvanized corrosion-resistant structural steel. While they were immediately able to stop the further bowing of the wall, in time they might even push it back toward its original position. While uncoated I-Beams could also be used for this purpose, IntelliBrace™ stabilizers were a much stronger and more durable solution

After installing all the wall anchors and IntelliBrace™ stabilizers, the house was once again completely stable. Regardless of whether the homeowner wanted to live there for another decade or sell this property in the near future, he could relax knowing that his home’s health was no longer compromised.  

wall brace installed

If you are worried that something is wrong with your foundation, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Foundation Recovery Systems and schedule a free inspection and repair quote. It is our goal to ensure that your home is a safe place for you and your family so we will check what is happening below the surface, determine any potential problems, and recommend solutions that will fix them for good.

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