FRS would like to give a big THANK YOU to the FSI Team (Foundation Support Works) for their participation in our All Employee Training Day on Monday, February 29th. The planned training day was set to review and cover a number of topics all revolving around better serving our customers.
The day started with all 90 of the FRS employees from all 3 office locations from around the state meeting at the Moberly Inn Hotel’s conference room for breakfast. After breakfast, the FSI Team (Jon Erbst, Jenny Thompson, Ray Brown and Kurtis Kammerer) gave an inspirational presentation on “Mindset and Beliefs”
Jenny Thompson, FSI Marketing and Appointment Center Development Manager, went over Profile Assessments that have been a part of our FRS team member experience. These Profile Assessments are required for each new employee. This profile serves as a guide for the company to understand the observational behavior of its employees. It provides information on how to best approach, manage, interact and understand that employee’s particular behavior which then leads to better communication throughout the company.
Employees were recognized for their excellence in many areas as awards were given out.
The FSI team along with Jeffrey Martin (FRS Production Manager) and Tony Rynearson (FRS Sales Manager) presented a Product Overview for the Sales, Production and Service teams.
The next training session consisting of all departments were split into their working groups for Breakout sessions at the Hotel and the Appointment center team convened at the FRS office. Each department reviewed and learned the best communication skills to insure our customer’s satisfaction.
During the lunch break the entire team enjoyed a great lunch catered into the Hotel conference area by El Vaquero (Thank You).
The final training of the day was presented by the FSI team Jon, Jenny, Kurtis and Ray. “Your business as a Machine / ONE TEAM”.
The day concluded with a customary “Team Building” activity. The sales and production teams were blended together to form 8 individual groups. The challenge was to design and build the tallest free standing tower using nothing more than popsicle sticks and tape. WOW!!!!! The creations were something else. The WINNING TEAM of the challenge consisted of Charles Carden, Gage Esry, Garet Wyatt, Shaq Golden, Kevin Long, David Brainerd and Tre Summers. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU GUYS!!!

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