Hydrostatic Pressure

Water — as anyone who has had to refill the office cooler will know — weighs a lot. More than 62 pounds per cubic foot, in fact. Water is also incompressible, meaning if you apply pressure to it, it has to go somewhere. And, standing water, whether in a lake, a glass or in saturated soil, exerts pressure of its own. This is known as “hydrostatic” pressure.

So, when soil becomes saturated with water, after a heavy or sustained rainstorm, for instance, it becomes much heavier. This additional weight can exert itself on the walls of your foundation as the surrounding fill soil — now weighing several thousands of pounds more than before — naturally slumps outward, causing foundation walls to bow, crack and, eventually, fail.


Foundation Recovery Systems offers a variety of solutions to permanently repair leaning and bowing foundation walls and prevent wall failure due to the hydrostatic pressure exerted by saturated fill soil, including:

It should be pointed out that, in addition to these solutions, we recommend homeowners ensure proper drainage around their homes by grading the soil properly.

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