Cracked And Tilting Chimney

Chimneys crack and tilt away from the rest of a home for several reasons. One possibility is that the chimney was built with inadequate footings — meaning it lacks necessary structural support. More likely, however, it’s a case of the soil beneath your home’s foundation compacting, shrinking or washing away over time. This poor soil may no longer be able to bear the weight of the chimney, causing the chimney to settle and pull away from the rest of the structure. It should be noted that if this is the case, there is a good possibility that this poor soil is causing problems elsewhere in your home’s foundation.


Foundation Recovery Systems typically employs a helical piering system to stabilize and level tilting chimneys. These heavy-duty steel piers have a helical blade that allows them to be “screwed” deep into the earth, where they can find stronger supporting soils that can bear the weight of your home’s chimney.

Our Certified Field Inspectors are trained to expertly diagnose foundation problems. They use highly specialized equipment that allows them to develop a solution tailored to your home’s unique needs. By the time the inspection is over, you’ll know exactly what caused the problem, exactly what it will take to fix it permanently and exactly how much it will cost to do so.

Once a solution has been customized for your home, we pick a date for the job. At that time, a highly trained production crew will install the solution, leaving your home fixed and protected for future generations — restoring its value, improving your family’s quality of life and giving you lasting peace of mind.

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