Wall Anchor System


If a concrete block wall has begun to crack and bow in, it must be stabilized to prevent it from failing completely. Depending on several variables, including proximity to neighboring property and obstacles in the yard, it is possible to not only stabilize a failing block wall but also straighten it using a wall anchor system. 


Installing a wall anchor is actually fairly simple. First, a small hole is dug in your yard — typically at least 10 feet away from your foundation. A galvanized steel rod is then driven through a one-inch hole drilled in your basement wall and through the soil out to the excavated hole. A steel earth anchor is placed in the hole and connected to the steel rod. A low-profile steel wall plate is then placed on the interior side of the basement wall and connected to the opposite end of the rod. The hole is backfilled and then the system is tightened by turning a nut against the wall plate. The nut can be tightened incrementally over time to potentially straighten the wall. It is common for several anchors to be installed along the length of a wall to offset the external loads and allow for stabilization and straightening.

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