Musty Odors In Home

Diagram showing air flow through the crawl space of a home causing the stack effect.
Air from your crawl space enters your home through the stack effect, which means the damp, humid air that enters your crawl space through vents and foundation walls will linger, worsen, and eventually escape through your home itself.

A clear sign of mold issues in your crawl space is any foul or musty odors in your home. Due to the “stack effect,” air from your crawl space can infiltrate your home. If your crawl space has water or mold issues, you will likely experience musty odors inside your home.

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A dry crawl space will help you avoid multiple issues that can be caused by water damage. Keeping your crawl space moisture-free can help you avoid mold, pests, and odors from infiltrating your home. The best thing you can do is catch the problem early and get it taken care of to avoid bigger, more expensive issues in the future.

Crawl space dehumidifier to prevent musty odors in crawl space of home

To prevent moisture or musty odors from being in your crawl space or home, we recommend first installing a waterproofing system to dry your crawl space for the structural life of your home. Depending on your situation, you may then also need to encapsulate your crawl space before finally sealing off any crawl space vents or doors to prevent moisture from coming through.

Once that’s complete, consider installing one of our self-draining Foundation Recovery Systems’ Dehumidifier air filtration and dehumidification systems to keep your crawl space dry, healthy, odor, mold, and pest-free…permanently!


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