Vent Covers


Crawl spaces are prone to moisture issues in the way they were built. Traditionally, crawl space vents were installed to promote air circulation to avoid moisture issues. Over time, however, it was discovered that crawl space vents actually cause more harm than good. They bring in humid air during summer months or freezing air during winter months and leave your crawl space susceptible to issues. Sealing your crawl space with crawl space vent covers will help you avoid this problem.

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Crawl space vents on brick foundation of home.

As an important part of our crawl space repair system, we highly recommend that you seal off your crawl space vents. This keeps outside air away, along with all the moisture, pests, winter cold, and summer heat it brings with it.


Our CrawlSeal™ Crawl Space Vent Covers install quickly, attaching mechanically to form an airtight bond. When we send our crew, one worker can install the vent covers while the others install the rest of your system. A typical installation takes less than one day.


The vents in your crawl space could be an open invitation for unwanted pests or rodents to enter and call your crawl space home. Eventually, those pests could make their way into your living space, so it’s best to seal them off to avoid any unwanted infestations.

Additionally, crawl space vents can allow the outside air to enter your crawl space. During extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold, this could impact your utility bills as the temperature inside your crawl space becomes much more difficult to control.


Protect your crawl space and your home by sealing your crawl space with vent covers. We have been dedicated to helping homeowners protect their homes since 1992, and we’re ready to help you. Contact Foundation Recovery Systems today to schedule your free inspection!

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