Seal Block Walls


Crawl spaces often have block walls that have openings at the top, which is a prime place for water to enter your crawl space. This is often a less obvious issue for most homeowners to identify and can lead to crawl space flooding. To avoid water damage, we recommend sealing your block walls.

At Foundation Recovery Systems, we use the WallCap system to seal your block walls and protect your crawl space from water damage. It’s a quick, simple, and affordable solution to avoid water damage in your crawl space.

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The WallCap system effectively seals block foundation walls in the crawl space. The clear design allows pest control contractors to see any potential insect activity underneath the wall cap without removing it for inspection.


To ensure that WallCap will never detach from your walls, it is attached mechanically to the concrete with plastic pegs. A polymer seal is used to adhere the plastic to the concrete to complete the vapor barrier protection.

Since most crawl space walls are created out of concrete block, your system design specialist will usually recommend the WallCap System in your crawl space. It’s a small addition that makes a huge difference!

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