Crawl Space Drain

Regardless of whether your crawl space has a dirt or concrete bottom, all crawl spaces are susceptible to water damage as moisture from the ground pulls upward and seeps into the space. Whether it’s dense water or evaporation, it can result in water damage and leave your crawl space susceptible to mold or pest infestation.

To avoid these moisture issues, we recommend installing the crawl space drainage system. This crawl space drain captures any water that enters your crawl space and channels it outside.

Crawl space drainage system with spout and rocks around perimeter of house

The crawl space drainage system is installed around the perimeter, below the dirt grade of your crawl space. It is graded so that collected water flows downward toward a speciallcrawl spacey designed, low-lying and submerged sump pump, designed specifically for crawl spaces. The system has holes along the top and sides to collect water from the surrounding ground and the side walls of the foundation.

When installed with a crawl space encapsulation system, the crawl space drainage system can keep water out of the crawl space. Its custom design includes holes on the top and front to accept water from the soil and surface of your crawl space. A special wall flange collects water from the crawl space walls and the footing/wall joint.

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The system is designed to protect your crawl space from water damage without clogging or failing. It includes a filter that keeps all debris and other objects away so that it constantly protects your home.

The system works best as part of a customized system including a wide range of crawl space repair products — vapor barriers, sump pumps, and self-drainage dehumidifiers – all designed to work together to protect your crawl space from moisture issues. It is quick to install, often completed in a day or less, and typically completed as part of the entire encapsulation system.

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