Crawl Space Doors

Traditional crawl space doors are made from wood and connected together with nails or hinges. While these materials create sturdy doors, they can rot or rust over time and become ineffective. For a more durable, long-lasting solution, we recommend installing the LumaBright Crawl Space Door.


Installing an LumaBright Crawl Space Door in your home is a fast and easy process, and it’s usually done within the hour. One installer will put your crawl space door in place while the rest of your crew completes the crawl space repair.

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The LumaBright Crawl Space Door is made entirely from inorganic plastics and foams. It creates an airtight and waterproof barrier between your crawl space and the outside.


Old crawl space doors can lead to many problems for your home. Since they’re not airtight they can allow pests and humid air to enter your crawl space, leading to more damaging and expensive issues.

Our LumaBright Crawl Space Doors are created with ½” thick solid plastic, and they will never rust, rot, or need paint. Sturdy knobs allow for easy access and ensure a tight seal for many years to come. New crawl space doors are inexpensive, easy to install, and keep your home looking great. You’ll love how they complement the landscaping and make a subtle but powerful difference in the overall feeling of your yard.


At Foundation Recovery Systems, we take our time with each customer to make sure they are well educated on the issue at hand and know how to protect their home from future issues. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

Vent Cover on the crawl space of a home
Smart Vent

Crawl space door on the a home
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Moisture barrier sealing block walls in crawl space of a home
Seal Block Walls
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Drainage Matting

Moisture barrier installed in crawl space of home
Moisture Barrier
Crawl space dehumidifier installed in home

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