Crawl Space Solutions

Crawl spaces come with their own unique challenges. They can often be forgotten about since it’s not a main part of the house, however, the health of your crawl space can impact the air quality inside your home. Crawl space service is important to keep it clean and free from moisture or mold-related issues. As an added bonus, cleaning your crawl space also gives you extra storage space!

If it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated the health of your crawl space, there might be moisture, mold, or pest problems. If you are nervous about going into your crawl space to check it out, call the experts at Foundation Recovery Systems! Our crawl space experts have seen it all and can transform it with our crawl space solutions.

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We offer the following solutions to get your crawl space back in shape to avoid any future issues:

Crawl Space Drain

Easily install a crawl space drainage system to protect your crawl space from flooding damage. This drain will capture an excess water and funnel it outside away from your foundation.

Drainage Matting

If you already have a crawl space liner, it’s a good idea to get the drainage matting installed underneath. One of the many things that set our products apart from the competition is that we always install a drainage matting underneath our CrawlSeal – encapsulation. This matting prevents any water from getting trapped underneath your liner and channels it outside to prevent flooding.

Moisture Barrier (Encapsulation)

Our moisture barrier, CrawlSeal™, is a thick, durable, puncture-resistant liner that goes over your crawl space walls and floors. Its purpose is to provide a clean, dry environment to keep out all water, mold, or pests, all the time. As an added bonus, once installed, it serves as clean, usable storage space for your home.

Crawl Space Doors

Prevent outside water or cool breezes from entering your crawl space with the LumaBright Crawl Space Door. Made entirely from inorganic plastics and foams, these crawl space doors create an airtight and waterproof barrier between your crawl space and the outdoors.


DehumThe best way to keep humidity and excess moisture out of your crawl space is with a dehumidifier. They help prevent any mold growth or musty smells that may come from moisture buildup, and their self-draining features make it very low maintenance for you.


If you’d like an expert opinion on the health of your crawl space, contact our team today! At Foundation Recovery Systems, we are dedicated to providing you with a remarkable experience to transform your crawl space with our crawl space services. Contact us today for your free inspection!

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