Crawl Space Structural Support Jacks Installed In Missouri & Kansas

sagging crawl space with wooden shimming a Liberty crawl space

Failing crawl space supports can cause floors to sag and interior walls to crack.

Because of its location beneath your home, your crawl space has a lot of responsibility. It must be able to assist the foundation in supporting the entire weight of your home – and its success comes down to the crawl space support beams.

However, for one reason or another, this system may not operate the way it's supposed to. That's why Foundation Recovery Systems specializes in crawl space repair using our SmartJack® Crawl Space Stabilizer. This system allows for a reliable solution to problems like sagging crawl spaces.

If you're concerned about your crawl space's structural integrity, our professionals can inspect the space and come up with the right solution. Schedule a free estimate in Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield and see what we can do for your home!

Why do crawl space supports fail?

There are several reasons why a crawl space support may be unable to do its job. Sometimes, the problem was there right from the beginning. Poor design or unstable soils were never able to properly bear the weight of your home's foundation, and therefore crawl space supports become compromised.

However, other issues can develop over time. These primarily involve situations where mold and rot have infiltrated your crawl space, or when other foundation problems have emerged.

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We offer a permanent solution for structural repair

Crawl space structural support jacks installed in Marshall

In response to inadequate crawl space supports, Foundation Recovery Systems offers a sophisticated solution that is much more manageable than rebuilding. Our SmartJack® Crawl Space Stabilizer is a strong, adjustable jack designed to bear the load of the home above. Made out of galvanized steel, this system cannot grow mold and does not rust, ensuring its performance for years to come.

Oftentimes, the SmartJack® can do more than simply reinforce existing structures. It can actually lift the floor joists above back to a level position, completely solving crawl space sag.

Foundation Failure

The foundation walls themselves can fail in a large number of ways. Most commonly, these walls will be damaged by foundation settling due to poor supporting soils. It's also very common for the walls to buckle inwards due to pressure from expansive soils outside the home.

If you have a structural issue with your foundation, it's important to contact a foundation specialist right away.

Sinking Crawl Space Supports

Sometimes, crawl space support pillars are built on soils that are not strong enough to support the weight of your home.

Over time, these supports will begin to sink into the soil. As they do, the floor they hold up will sink as well, leading to uneven floors and interior wall cracking.

Inadequate Structural Design

Sometimes, the contractor who builds a home will improperly space out the support beams that hold up your floor and interior structure.

When this happens, the floor may sink in the spans between each support, leading to damage to your home structure.

Rotting Floor Joists

When crawl spaces are damp, humid, or experience flooding, they become an ideal environment for mold and rot. Termites, carpenter ants, wood-eating beetles, and other damaging insects may also feed on organic materials in the crawl space.

As the wood deteriorates, it will no longer be able to support your home, leading to significant structural damage.

SmartJack® Specifications

  • Fast, Year-Round Installation -- The SmartJack® can be installed year-round, with installations completed in about a day. There's no waiting time for concrete to cure!
  • Stronger Crawl Space Support -- Our crawl space support system can support vertical loads exceeding 60,000 pounds, which is far stronger than conventional concrete repairs.
  • Versatile Installation -- SmartJack®'s portable size allows it to be installed in even the tightest of crawl spaces.
  • Superior Support -- Our support jacks do more than merely halt the downward movement of your floor. The SmartJack® may also be adjusted to try to lift the floor above to its original position.

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When it comes to resolving structural issues with your crawl space, there's simply no reason to wait. Our affordable crawl space support jacks are patented and warrantied because we believe in the positive effect they will have on your home. All of the professionals here at Foundation Recovery Systems are fully trained and certified to resolve any issue you might be facing with your crawl space.

To get started on your crawl space project, schedule a free estimate with Foundation Recovery Systems today! We offer our services to homeowners in Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, Overland Park, Independence, St. Joseph, Lawrence, Jefferson City, Shawnee, Lee's Summit, and areas nearby.

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