Commonly Asked Questions About Concrete Repair

So you’re saying you can repair my concrete? As in, I don’t have to re-pour it?

Yes, and yes! Often times, the problem homeowners have with their concrete slabs is that they become uneven, sloped and cracked. This is caused by settlement as the soil underneath can no longer support the concrete. That means replacing your concrete would only be a temporary fix, as eventually it would settle again. Our solution involves raising and leveling your slabs so you can still get use out of your perfectly good concrete.

My concrete is in good shape. Should I still protect it?

Yes. Even if you aren’t experiencing slab settlement, your concrete will likely stain, flake, crack, and get other common defects over time if it’s not protected.

Okay, so what do you have to protect my concrete?

We have multiple products that can protect your concrete from different harsh environments. This includes a joint sealant called PolyRenewal  that is inserted in the joints and cracks of your concrete to keep out water and withstand temperature changes. We also have a sealant that is applied to concrete and acts as a protective coat from moisture, dirt, and oils.

This all sounds great, but is it expensive?

Our solutions for fixing and protecting your concrete are all quite cost effective because they offer long-lasting solutions, as opposed to concrete replacement or over-the-counter sealants that require frequent reapplication. The cost of an individual project itself depends on variables such as the size of the job. Regardless, the investment adds value to your home!

I am ready to fix and protect my concrete. What do I do now?

You can contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your concrete. One of our Certified Field Inspector will come to your home and sit down with you to create a proposal for your project.