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Foundation Recovery Systems gives basic help and foundation repair solutions for business, mechanical, city and multi-family properties in Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and Missouri and Eastern Kansas. We offer products to repair existing foundations and new foundations for new constructional applications. We’ve been introducing foundation piers, piles, and divider stay frameworks since 1992. 


The concrete around your business – parking spaces, yards, and walkways – ought to enhance your own life. In any case, when it parts, settles or winds up uneven, out of the blue you can be constrained to oversee issues, for instance, pooling water, uneven surfaces and possibly dangerous excursion risks. Likewise, split concrete outright looks horrible. 

The inspiring news is, on account of the latest development and procedures, Foundation Recovery Systems can lift, level, seal and secure cement, with the objective that it looks fantastic and works as it should for quite a while. This keeps up your building’s worth, and in addition restores your tranquility. 


Foundation Recovery Systems uses helical piles in both strain and weight stack applications for new improvement and retrofit significant foundation wanders. 

Helical piles are a modern office delivered steel foundation system containing a central shaft with no less than one helix-framed bearing plate, frequently called cutting edges or flights, welded to the lead section. Extension shafts, with or without additional helix sharp edges, are used to extend the pile to capable load-bearing concrete to accomplish many-sided quality. Helical piles are progressed (screwed) into the ground with the utilization of torque. 


Helical Anchors (also called tiebacks) give level security to foundation dividers with unbalanced earth weights. Helical anchors can be presented with hand-held apparatus, littler than normal excavators, slip steers, excavators, trackhoes, or crane-supported fixes. This ensures that the hooks can be presented in any application. This versatility, allowed for by the ability to rapidly load and test the grapples, make helicals a favorable and moderate response for a wide combination of endeavors. 


Our push pier system utilizes high caliber round steel tubes and a retrofit foundation repair segment to offset and further lift sinking or settling foundations. The foundation section is tied down against the footing and pier fragments are driven through the foundation and into the earth underneath. This is done using the joined basic weight and any contributory soil stack as restriction. Pier zones are driven into the ground until a fitting load bearing range is experienced. By that point, the structure either begins to lift or the goal weight/stack is refined. The largeness of the structure is then traded from the unsteady soil, to the foundation areas, through the wharfs, and to firm load-bearing soil or bedrock. 


We benefit Greater Kansas City and Missouri, including Columbia, Moberly, Springfield, and all of Central Missouri and Eastern Kansas. Get in touch with us today for a free examination!

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