Clint Dixon Wins First

Since Foundation Recovery Systems was established in 1992, the company’s mission has been to provide exceptional products and services to our customers. Throughout our 23 years in business we have been able to grow and evolve from the feedback we’ve received from our customers. FRS’s management team has adopted the thought process of viewing the business as a “machine”. Therefore each department inside the business is another “gear” that makes the machine run. We are dedicated to perfecting each and every department inside of our business in order to provide a better service to our past, present and future customers. The Production department is one of the biggest “gears” in this machine because that department controls the installation of the company’s products. FRS’s production department utilizes highly trained employees and the best tools/ products the industry has to offer in order to insure we exceed our customers’ expectations. The feedback over the last couple of decades has been phenomenal from our customers and very appreciated because it has been a huge tool for us to use in critiquing and tweaking our business to evolve it into what it has become today and what we expect it to be in the future. We have received tremendous feedback about our crews from customers expressing their satisfaction and gratitude for their hard work and exceptional results. The management team wanted to come up with a way to further encourage our customers to continue to send us feedback and to award our foreman for their dedication to providing a WOW service! In late 2014 the “WOW” Service Award program was created. At the end of each project our crew hands out a card that outlines where to go online to complete a survey that is sent directly to us, and the crew that has the most 5 Star reviews within the given time period receives a special award. The program results were outstanding in its first outing! We received over 84 five star reviews in only 60 days! Although every foreman did a fantastic job, there can only been one winner. Clint Dixon and his crew won the contest with 14 five star surveys. Way to go Clint Dixon and enjoy the I-PAD!!!