Wall Anchors installed to fix severe wall problem in Kansas City, KS

Wall Anchors installed to fix severe wall problem in Kansas City, KS


A large crack in this homeowner’s basement wall was why this customer contacted Foundation Recovery Systems and asked for a free estimate. The crack would continue to grow as the ground was dry. The shop was built in 1976 and has an 8-inch poured concrete foundation wall that is 8-foot on the West endwall. All the walls have a framing on top of them for a total wall height of 110 inches. After the estimate and inspection performed by FRS, many different things were found. On the interior, the slab inside the walk door had an offset crack that ran from the South wall across to a vertical crack in the East sidewall, a small vertical crack in the East foundation wall, a large angular crack running from the corner down the North wall, three vertical cracks in the North wall, the Northwest corner had a vertical crack and a large angular crack that had moved towards the Northwest corner and the measured inward lateral deflection (ILD) on the North wall ranged from three inches to eleven and a half inches. And that was just on the interior. On the exterior, small cracks were shown on the East wall matching the interior cracks, along with small cracks matching the interior cracks on the West wall too. Recommendations from FRS were to install WallAnchors along the North wall and excavating to move the wall back immediately while diverting roof water away from the house foundation and burying downspout extensions.


Because of big rocks the installation for the anchors took longer than expected but that did not stop the FRS team. The anchors were installed by digging small holes in the soil a few feet away from the foundation. A steel rod was drilled through a one inch hole in the basement wall and was connected to an each anchor seated deep within the augored hole. Low-profile wall plates were placed on the interior of the wall and secured to the rod. The augored hole was backfilled and the sod was replaced. Once all of the components of the system were connected and tightened, the wall was permanently stabilized. Cracks on the wall were sealed with hydraulic cement so no cracks were visible. Because of the anchoring system, the wall will be straightened over time and fix severe problems such as leaning walls and walls sliding in at the bottom.

Project Summary

Certified Installer:Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman:Charles Carden

Products Installed:5 FRS Wall Anchors