IntelliJacks seal cracks and help close doors at home in Springfield, MO

IntelliJacks seal cracks and help close doors at home in Springfield, MO


A 1960s ranch home in Springfield, Missouri, that had a crawl space, had just been bought and the new homeowners had noticed a beam that was settling in the living room. The beam was down one inch across the whole beam. Foundation Recovery Systems recommended installing IntelliJacks to the homeowners which they liked because before, power lift was recommended. FRS installed five 3ft IntelliJacks every 6ft apart in the crawl space.


To start off, FRS dug five 2x2x2 holes for each IntelliJack location where a cube of soil was excavated. The hole was then filled with engineered fill that consists of tightly-compacted crushed stone. Then, a custom-designed structural footing was set into place and leveled on top of the engineered fill. A high-strength, galvanized steel column was cut to the appropriate height for the crawl space. The steel column and components were assembled and connected to the girder and the IntelliJack system was tightened into place. The girder and floor joists were immediately stabilized and FRS lifted the home almost back to level within a 1/8 of an inch. FRS had to stop due to not causing any cosmetic damage. The engineered footing transfers the load beyond the troubled soils, allowing for any cracks to be sealed and all doors that would not shut before, could be shut.

Project Summary

Certified Installer: Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman: Ryan Lucas

Products Installed: IntelliJacks