IntelliJacks fix sloping floor in Lake Lotawana, MO

IntelliJacks fix sloping floor in Lake Lotawana, MO


Remodeling a home is what almost every homeowner does, they want their home to be just the way that they want it. Before this homeowner could even start on remodeling her home, she had to get the settlement fixed. The 75 year old home had a sloping floor on the West side of the home which caused uneven floors in her home. The measurement was approximately 2.25 inches down and was supported by a steel “I” beam and two posts set in concrete. In the future, the homeowner wants to add to the West side of the home but needed to level and stabilize the floor before doing so.


Foundation Recovery Systems installed a total of four different Supplemental Beams and sixteen 3-foot IntelliJacks. The Supplemental Beams would be supported by a mixture of three to five foot IntelliJacks and one to three foot IntelliJacks. The IntelliJacks were chosen for this project because the steel support systems are used to stabilize and level the girders and floor joists in the crawl space, which was exactly what the homeowner had wanted.

To install the IntelliJacks, FRS excavated a cube of soil at each IntelliJack location and filled the hole with an engineered fill that consisted of tightly-compacted crushed stone. A custom-design structural footing was then set into place and leveled on top of the engineered fill. The high strength, galvanized steel column was cut to the appropriate height for the crawl space. The steel column and components were assembled and connected to the girder and the IntelliJacks system was tightened into place. Once in place, the girder and floor joists were immediately stabilized and lifted the above floors back to level. Once the lift was performed, FRS removed the existing beams and supports as well as the two concrete pads because they weren’t performing their task. Now that the floor is level and stabilized, the homeowner can go on to their next task in remodeling the home.

Project Summary

Certified Installer:Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman:Shawn Neal

Products Installed:Sixteen 3ft IntelliJacks, 73′ Supplemental Beams