IntelliJack installation lifts living room floor settling around 0.5 inches to 5 inches

IntelliJack installation lifts living room floor settling around 0.5 inches to 5 inches


Amber D. lives in this 1960’s era ranch home on a poured block foundation with a crawl space in Belton, Missouri on the Northwest side of Missouri. Her living room floor had suffered from settlement most likely caused by a lack of support structure beneath the floor and within the crawl space. Foundation Recovery Systems performed an inspection after hearing from the homeowner and found evidence of water seeping through the crawl space which caused serious moisture issues in her home. The inspection revealed that the settlement had measured around 0.5 inches to 5 inches with max deflection near the center of the length of the house. After the inspection, FRS recommended a full perimeter water system to permanently keep the crawl space dry with an addition to an encapsulation system. To lift and level the main living room floor, we recommended a 37-foot-long supplemental beam that would be supported by IntelliJacks.


The Production:

To stabilize the living area of the house, FRS installed six 3-foot IntelliJacks by excavating a cube of soil at each IntelliJack location and filled it with an engineered fill that consisted of tightly-compacted crushed stone. A custom-designed structural footing was set into place and leveled on top of the engineered fill. Once set in place, a high strength galvanized steel column was cut to the appropriate height of the crawl space. The steel columns and components were assembled and connected to the girder and the IntelliJack system was tightened into place. Once tightened, the girder and floor joists were immediately stabilized and lifted the above floors and walls back to level, allowing the homeowner to no longer have any settlement problems. Along with the IntelliJack installation, was the fourteen Floor Joists and a Supplemental Beam.


IntelliJacks were chosen for this job because it was the best opportunity to lift the floor back to their original position. The engineered footing transfers the load beyond trouble soils, solving the problem once and for all. The IntelliJacks can support loads of more than 60,000 pounds and are easily adjustable that will never be susceptible to mold, moisture and wood rot with their zinc-plated structural steel girder.

Project Summary

Certified Installer:Foundation Recovery Systems Primary Foreman:Charles Carden Products Installed:Six 3ft IntelliJacks, 14 Floor Joists, Supplemental Beam