PCE out of Columbia, MO gets Helical Pier Installation

PCE out of Columbia, MO gets Helical Pier Installation


The Professional Contractors & Engineers (PCE) out of Columbia, Missouri needed Helical Piers and Helical Anchors installed at their building. The reason for the Helical Piers is so when the piers reach a stable soil layer, it can support the building regardless of the weight of the structure. And Helical Anchors were chosen to eliminate any future foundation issues the structure might come across.


To install the eight 288 Helical Piers, soil was removed from the area where the piers were installed and then sections were advanced into the soil. Once proper depths and capacities were achieved, heavy-duty foundation brackets were positioned below the footing. The weight of the structure was then transferred through the helical piers to deep, competent soils. After all eight of the Helical Piers were installed, the soil around the installation was replaced.

Because the pressure in the ground is caused by excess groundwater, and can not only cause your foundation walls to bow or lead, it may lead to various other foundation walls. The Helical Tiebacks provide opposite pressure that cancels out the hydrostatic pressure in the soil which can cause a wall to bow in the first place. The TieBacks are large, crew like implements that are installed in the soil adjacent to an affected wall. They are screwed into the soil horizontally through a small hole in the wall and then they are tested for strength. The anchors were attached to the interior of the wall, which applied tension to the wall keeping it from bowing in the future. Once the installation of all seven Helical TieBacks were installed, FRS sealed the hole on the inside and the site was cleaned up.

Project Summary

Certified Installer:Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman:Clinton Dixon

Products Installed:288 Helical Pier Standard Assembly, Helical TieBack Assembly