Floors stabilized for Chariton Valley in Ethel, MO

Floors stabilized for Chariton Valley in Ethel, MO


Chariton Valley is a telephone company located in Ethel, Missouri. Chariton has over 60 years of experience in providing telecommunications to businesses and residents in Northeast Missouri. Their goal is to keep you connected in the world we live in. The business located in Ethel was experiencing floors settling throughout the building and cracks had already developed. This building was built for the purpose of housing equipment so the electronics were very sensitive to water and dust.

After Foundation Recovery Systems performed the inspection, it revealed that the building was not poured perfectly level, the South room varies three inches from the floor, and the trim was down two inches in the Southwest corner. The owner’s goal was to bring the floor back up to the trim and permanently stabilize the floor with some lift. FRS would use the PolyRenewal™ to fulfill the owner’s goal.


FRS first drilled holes in the floor for the poly. As the foreman were drilling the holes, they ran the vacuum to collect the dust so none of the electronics would be damaged. Then FRS used a specially designed equipment to inject the structural grade polymers into the void. The floor was lifted and voided areas were filled within a quarter of an inch. The PolyRenewal™  injection quickly eliminated the trip hazards without removing or replacing the concrete.

Project Summary

Certified Installer: Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman: Jared Martin

Products Installed: PolyRenewal™