Basement cracks fixed in Kirksville, MO

Basement cracks fixed in Kirksville, MO


This homeowner from Kirksville, Missouri had several cracks in their basement wall, and one crack was allowing water to come through. The customer was concerned about the leaning/bowing of the South, East and West walls. The house has had a lot of additions including a basement addition, garage addition, and a two-story crawlspace addition with a screened in wrap around porch. After hearing about FRS through another happy customer, this homeowner knew that FRS could fix their problems.


FRS installed four 5ft IntelliJacks to help support the existing supplemental beam. To help with the water issue, a Trench Drain was installed to help the water flow away from the house, BasementGutter Drainage System was installed on the East foundation wall to keep the walls clean and an SafeDri Pro Sump was installed to keep the basement from flooding. Fourteen Anchors were installed to help keep the basement walls from future cracking. Needless to say, the customer was very happy with all of the installments and work that FRS put into their home.

Project Summary

Certified Installer: Foundation Recovery Systems

Primary Foreman: Jared Martin

Products Installed: 2 IntelliBraces, 4 IntelliJacks, 14 Wall Anchors, Trench Drain, Basement Gutter, SafeDri Pro Sump