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Pier Job Completed in Berger, MO

This complex foundation is comprised of stone and concrete. The foundation of this home started settling and slowly created a large crack in the concrete. After installing helical piers to stabalize this foundation, the homeowners are now able to pursue a kitchen remodel with complete confidence that there will be no more shifting or settling. 

New Florence, Missouri Family Now Saving Money

Homes with dirt crawl spaces have damp air. Damp air uses more energy to heat and cool, and this costs more money. This New Florence family will save 15% to 25% with their crawl space encapsulation system.

Helical Pier installation lifts home back to its original position in New Florence, MO

After having FRS out for an inspection, this homeowner knew that the laser level findings needed to be fixed. The homeowner's main concern was to stabilize the East end and to wrap one pier on both the North and South walls. To fulfill this request, FRS installed five 3-inch Helical Piers. The Helical Piers helped lift the home back toward its original position, and had minimal disturbance from the installation. Soil was first removed and sections were advanced into the soil. Once proper depths and capacities were achieved, heavy-duty foundation brackets were positioned below the footing. The weight of the home was then transferred through the helical piers to deep, competent soils. Once the lift was made and the homeowner was happy, the soil around the installation was replaced.

Concrete patio fixed with Polyurethane in Saint James, MO

A homeowner from Saint James, Missouri had a concrete patio that had sunk around 3 to 4 inches against her home. This homeowner had the home built and in the last couple of years it started to settle and it settled fast. Once it settled, it started to tilt towards the home and then water was running in that direction. The homeowner also had 2 other small pads that were settling away from the home, but not as bad as the patio. The FRS inspection revealed that this home was in need of some gutter corrections along with the slab repair. After preparing the polyurethane holes and injecting them, FRS was able to lift both the patio and 2 slabs close to their original position. The homeowner was very pleased with the finished job.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Concrete slabs settle over time. No need to spend the extra money to replace the concrete! Our new polyurethane concrete raising system fills the void, raises the concrete and SAVES YOU MONEY!

See the difference on this porch in Mexico, Missouri!

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